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Which is where his idea for the WGBC came from. "I just came up with the idea: 'Why don't I organize the world's first LGBTQI+ boxing championships, which includes our allies?'" he remembers. The inaugural WGBC will be held in Sydney in 2023 to coordinate with WorldPride and Mardi Gras in the city. Stark has received stamps of support from the world's leading boxing organizations: the World Boxing Association, the International Boxing Organization, the World Boxing Council and the World Boxing Organization. Stark training with coach Tanya in Sydney, the home of the World Gay Boxing Championships. As well as putting on a festival of boxing for all ages, abilities and skill level, Stark hopes the WGBC can impact LGBTQI+ representation in the sport. "There have been very few out professional gay male boxers who have won major championships," he explained. "I think representation and visibility is really important." But Stark believes that while improving representation at the elite level is important, there is not enough focus placed on the grassroots and amateur levels. Like the Bingham Cup -- a biennial, international, non-professional, gay rugby union tournament -- he hopes that the WGBC can encourage young members of the LGBTQI+ community with an interest in boxing to try the sport.

Pawel Pieluszyński, a gardener at Brooklyn Bridge Park, on a butterfly-tagging mission this fall. “Parks should operate as sponges, but instead they are seeing massive flooding,” said Adam Ganser, the executive director of the nonprofit New Yorkers for Parks . Park funding has remained at 0.6 percent of the total budget for decades, while other cities spend 2 to 4 percent, Mr. Ganser said. Eric Adams, the Democratic mayoral candidate, has said he is committed to raising the budget to 1 percent , while Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa said in a debate earlier this month that he would raise it to 2 percent. Mr. Ganser said such a move would be transformative. “New York City has done a really good job of reclaiming and building postindustrial habitats, and we have incredibly intact wetlands and grasslands,” said Rebecca McMackin, the director of horticulture at Brooklyn Bridge Park . “We need to protect them.” Under Ms. McMackin’s direction, the park, built on East River piers, is now home to a growing population of rare bees, moths, pollinating flies, butterflies and birds. With enclaves such as these, the city now has 77,580 acres of green space, including wetlands, cemeteries, parks and forests, according to the Natural Areas Conservancy , a nonprofit formed under Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s administration in 2012. Some 30,000 acres are managed by the city, said Meghan Lalor, a spokeswoman for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

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